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Assisted Living Core Review Quizzes (FSLA201Q)

Maximize your preparation for the ALF Core Competency Exam!

The Assisted Living Core Review Quizzes is an excellent option to help you successfully pass the core exam administered by the MacDonald Research Institute (TMRI). *pre-requisite: FSLA ALF Online Core Training Program IMPORTANT: Please do not purchase this course if you have not completed the pre-requisite. This course is restricted to only those who have completed the Florida Senior Living Association (FSLA) ALF Online Core Training Course and the system will not allow access if requirement has not been met. Core training courses taken with other training providers do not meet the FSLA requirements for the Assisted Living Review Quizzes course.

This compilation includes five (5) quizzes with questions randomized from a large bank of questions developed by experienced trainer, facilitator and educator Monica Wilson, who has one of the highest pass rates in the state year after year.

Set Yourself Up for Success!
Note: You must complete the FSLA ALF Online Core Training Program before gaining access to the review quizzes. The quizzes are not a substitute for the training but a resource to help you apply your knowledge and test your strengths and weaknesses in all content areas so you can be the most prepared for exam day.

**If you have completed the FSLA ALF Online Core Training within the last calendar year and are having trouble purchasing the course online, please contact FSLA's Education Manager, Katherine Upton at kupton@floridaseniorliving.org or (850) 759-8300 to inquire further.

This course is expressly intended for use by the registered student only and may not be published, in whole or in part, or copied, reproduced, redistributed, forwarded, e-mailed or in any way exploited, whether for sale or not.
  • Important Information
  • Introduction - 4 minutes
  • Medication Management Review - 75 minutes
  • Administration of an ALF Review - 90 minutes
  • 100 Question Review Quiz #1 - 100 minutes
  • 100 Question Review Quiz #2 - 100 minutes
  • 100 Question Review Quiz #3 - 100 minutes
  • ALF Review Quiz Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed